Project Overview 👀
The C-Word is a social media app prototype that allows black women living with breast cancer to easily connect with their peers to receive the benefits of peer support. Connecting with a peer support group can help the mental health of newly diagnosed women, and allow survivors to mentor and guide those seeking help.  ​​​​​​​
Role: UX/UI Designer
Duration: In Progress
Literature Review  📖
In 2019, my mother was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer. Seeing my mother’s experience with her mental health as she fought breast cancer has motivated me to research what is known about women living with breast cancer and how they navigate their mental health. 
This is the first step of my research. Feel free to read the full document linked below. 
User Persona 👩🏽
When thinking about the potential users for the app, I created two user personas. One is a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient, and the other is a breast cancer survivor. 
Content Inventory📋
While evaluating the potential features in my app, I decided to conduct more research to help me decide the best features to benefit this specific group.
My Findings:
"Everyone should have a partner"- Being matched with a peer who shares similar characteristics will enhance their personal experience
"You don’t get the right information at the right time"-  Having culturally embedded themes is essential for participation in group discussions.
Time to Design👩🏽‍🎨
I created the sitemap using Figjam to organize my content and to visualize the user flow of the app prototype. 
I created the wireframes using Adobe XD. My design decisions were based on the needs of my target audience. For example, having larger buttons will make navigating the app easy and enjoyable for my users.
User Testing 🗒️
In a qualitative user testing session, I spoke with five black women who are currently living with breast cancer. The participants were asked to explore the app prototype and openly discuss their thoughts. They were also asked a series of questions that involved the design and usability of the interface.
Results: “I wish I had this when I was first diagnosed.”- 10-year breast cancer survivor
The Launch💕
On May 16th, 2023, I debuted The C-Word to the general public. Getting the chance to hear the feedback and connect with those who have been affected by breast cancer was truly amazing. Enjoy my spiel from the event below!
The C-Word is the definition of a passion project. I was inspired by my Mom's cancer journey to find a solution that will improve the mental health of black women living with breast cancer. Through the development process, I was able to grow my skills as a UI designer and create an aesthetically pleasing and functional interface.  
From my feedback, it is safe to say that The C-Word has the potential to make a great impact in the FemTech industry. I am excited to start funding the app development so black women everywhere can enjoy the benefits of The C-Word. 
The Creator and the Inspiration
The Creator and the Inspiration

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